Maiar Elrond

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The current explosive growth of the blockchain space is driven by a significant number of new retail and institutional investors joining. They however represent a small minority of internet users who are willing to navigate the space despite complex signup procedures, complicated wallet creation processes, and significant amounts of paperwork.

The vast majority who are still on the sidelines are looking for a gateway that is intuitive, easy to use, and has features that are similar or better than current popular money apps. This is why Maiar, using nothing but a smartphone, will onboard the next billion people.

With an elegant design and intuitive interface, Maiar enables any phone user to get a working wallet in seconds. By adding key innovations like progressive security and gamification around its most important features, Maiar will provide a new and compelling experience for the internet of money.

Some of its common features make it akin to Google Pay or Venmo, but with the critical difference that it does not collect personal information, which makes using Maiar a very secure and private experience. 

The Elrond blockchain enables the digitization of money, property, and identity. With Maiar, the transfer of value, ownership, and agency becomes possible at a global scale, at near-instant speeds and with trivial costs.

Today, Maiar has reached an important milestone: a carefully crafted delightful design is ready to roll out. A result of great care for the user’s needs, careful consideration and insightful feedback, and tremendous by the entire team, the new design brings home a new experience around money. 

It is with great excitement that we share this new release with our exclusive users testing group, strengthening Maiar’s position as the essential global money app on any phone. The next exclusive wave of early access, will go out on Monday, to all passionate Elrond supporters which have claimed their rank.

The world will soon get a glimpse of Maiar on January 31st at the official launch. You can join the +180k users who have signed up to get early access to the internet of money.

It’s time. Maiar is coming. The next billion people are about to join.

Before long we will discover the true meaning of hypergrowth.

Elrond has just launched Maiar to the world – and it could make global payments much easier and cheaper. The company has been able to build up a market cap of nearly a billion USD in just three years, and now it is working to give global citizens the best payment options out there.

Elrond claims to have developed « the most advanced blockchain in the world, » which all the other startups will use to develop applications.

The models behind the two businesses (and inherently the valuation) are, however, very different: the owners of EGLD cryptocurrency (as opposed to owners of a company’s shares such as UiPath) are entitled only to benefits derived from the value of the currency in their portfolio, and not to benefits derived from company’s revenues (such as dividends), other assets or the voting rights – like in the case of the shareholders.

Backed by the support of partners like Binance and Samsung, Elrond has been witnessing proper growth despite the onset of COVID-19 pandemic last year. It has been claimed that the company partly attributes this massive scaling to its dynamic team and working format.

Now as the company is moving toward launching another potential mobile wallet and global payments application- Maiar, it is seeking to ensure a more secure, inexpensive, and private alternative to other payment applications including Google Pay, PayPal, or Revolut.

Moreover, the new invention is anticipated to make use of Elrond’s internet-scale performance, scaling beyond 100,000 transactions/second.

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